Packages & Pricing

Katie Hollenshead3288.jpg
30 mins | $100

Less is More

Designed for those familiar with the headshot process, this shoot is for those who need to add an updated look or two to their existing portfolio.

$35/each additional 15 mins

1-2 looks

1 retouched image

$25/each additional retouch

Katie Hollenshead3956.jpg
2 hrs | $400

It's all Covered

Whether you're looking for a new set of headshots, some killer branding content, or both - this shoot is for you.

Up to 5 looks

3 retouched images

$25/each additional retouch

Kelsey TEST0397 copy.jpg
1 hr | $200

A Good Thing

Get some more calls with a few new headshots or spice up your social media presence with some personality pics that just scream YOU!

Up to 3 looks

2 retouched images

$25/each additional retouch

Katie Hollenshead3288.jpg
4-6 hrs | $800

Above & Beyond

I'm yours for the day! Studio, headshots, outdoor, lifestyle, branding, editorial - let's play!

Unlimited looks

6 final retouched images

$25/each additional retouch